Chamela-Cuixmala Plant List (Traditional Dicotyledonae) with Photographs

In August of 2017 I began to photograph and identify flowering plants at Cuixmala and the Fundación Ecológica de Cuixmala.  To help with identification, I relied heavily on two area plant lists to narrow down the possibilities. Both of these were produced by the preeminent plant taxonomist for the Chamela-Cuixmala area, Dr. Emily J. Lott.

Initially I used her list found at the Estacion Chamela website ( but later used the more recent and extensive one she published in 2002 in the book Historia Natural de Chamela (HNC).  Nevertheless, in the course of identifying what the HNC list suggested would be about 10% of the species present in the area, I had already found 4 species “new” to the area (Funastrum bilobum, Hibiscus colimensis, Nama jamaicensis, and Solanum angustifolium).

Also, while doing the identifications, it was apparent that there had been numerous taxonomic changes. Many of these were the result of revolutionizing molecular phylogenies published since 2002.

Consequently, I decided to update Lott’s HNC list, at least for the “traditional dichots”.

To update species’ names and check family assignment I looked at four online sites: Flora Mesoamericana/Tropicos, Catalogue of Life, Plants of the World online , and The Plant List. Where there were disagreements between these sites about what genus or family a plant belonged to, I looked first to see if the differences could be due to whether or not sites had incorporated the results of recent phylogenetic reconstructions.  Where disagreements were between smaller less inclusive or larger more inclusive monophyletic clades, I tended to favor the former.

Where there were disagreements based on nomenclature history (species name or author citation),  I again looked for awareness of the issue and evidence of its recent consideration.

I included ALL records that I could find and did not attempt to determine the veracity of the records. In several instances, for example, identified plants were well outside of their recorded ranges.  Without additional information, though, it is impossible to rule out that they are escaped exotics. Also, unless specifically supported by online taxonomic sites or the literature, I did not synonymize cases where a species was reported along with a variety and/or subspecies whose name was identical to the specific epithet of the  species. In a few instances where Lott includes an unidentified species in her HNC (2002) list, I attempted to match a named species based on her description. These instances are indicated in the list.

A species was considered to have been found within the boundaries of the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve if Lott’s HNC (2002) list indicated that it had been found at the the Estación de Biología Chamela or if gbif records showed that it had been found there.  Decisions on gbif records were based solely on whether the central location point was inside or outside of the boundary and without regard to possible location based on location error estimate.

Photographed species in the list have an image button that can be clicked to access images that were uploaded on  Normally there are photographs of reproductive and vegetative parts in an effort to capture taxonomically important characters. Location information can also be found at this same site.

An additional valuable resource is the Flora útil del Municipio de la Huerta, Jalisco.  This is a gbif-based CONABIO project that includes the area covered by this list but is of considerably greater geographical extent. Within its geographic limits, it provides direct links to all gbif recorded occurrences down to the generic level. It also provides direct links to gbif records of select species.  An extensive list of local Spanish common names are also provided for these select species.

Objective of the list

My primary objective for this list is to provide the non-specialist having at least some familiarity with plant family characteristics a starting point for the identification of a Dicotyledonous-like plant in the Chamel-Cuixmala area. The flora here is diverse and there is no field guide to flowering plants for the area. Systematically keying out species is a challenge even for the specialist. For the non-specialists this challenge is exacerbated when identification keys for many taxa are difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to find, particularly for those without ready access to university libraries. A comprehensive list along with creative use of internet resources can help the non-specialist narrow down the possibilities to where they have a reasonable chance of making an identification.

Some qualified observations

At a very coarse level, the list also gives some sense of the species richness of the area. The seasonal tropical dry forests of Chamela-Cuixmala are among the most species rich in the Neotropics (Gentry 1995). People are naturally interested in just how species rich the forests are.  Lott’s HNC (2002) list reports 1,149 vascular plant species of which 976 are traditional dicotyledonous plants. Her list has no multiple varieties or subspecies and is essentially a species list.  If I collapse varieties and subspecies to species, my list of traditional dicotyledonous plants contains 1,259 species, an addition of 283 species. It is important to note, though, that Lott’s numbers and mine come about by very different means. Lott’s numbers are based on examined herbarium specimens while mine come entirely from gbif records and the literature. Many of the gbif records are more than 20 years old, and as indicated earlier, some are questionable.  Finally, the area I examined is larger than what Lott did, particularly to the east. My subjective impression from looking at the gbif maps, however, is that this does not inflate the number of species greatly. This is not surprising. The majority of records almost certainly have as their source researchers based at the Estación de Biología Chamela.

Finally, with the same above caveats, this list provides some indication of species found within the boundaries of the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve. In her HNC list Lott specifically indicates with an * those species found in the Chamela part of the Biosphere. In the textual description of species she also indicates when a species had been found in Cuixmala.  However, her description of Cuixmala does not distinguish between those parts of Cuixmala inside and outside of the Reserve. Again, excluding varieties and subspecies and focusing only on species, the list here suggests that 927 traditional dicotyledonous plant species have been found within the boundaries of the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve.

Suggestions for and corrections to the list are welcomed and encouraged.  Please contact me at


I would like to thank the Inaturalist community (particularly Alexis López Hernández, Fernando Pío León, and Ronald Kushner) for their assistance in identifications.  I would also like to thank Dr. Kurt Neubig and Dr. Orland Blanchard for assistance in identifying Kosteletzkya depressa, Dr. Orland Blanchard for his assistance in identifying Pavonia fryxellii and Hibiscus colimensis, and Dr. Aliya Donnell Davenport for her help in identifying Bakeridesia parvifolia. Finally, I would like to think the Security Police at Cuixmala for both their encouraging attitude and willingness to let me in and out of gates to the Fundación Ecológica de Cuixmala promptly at a moment’s notice. 


Gentry, A.H. 1995. Diversity and floristic composition of neotropical dry forests. Pp. 146–194. In: Bullock, S.H., Mooney, H.A. & Medina, E. (eds) Seasonally dry tropical forests. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Lott, J.M. 2002. Lista anotada de las plantas vasculares de Chamela-Cuixmala. En: Historia Natural de Chamela. Instituto de Biología, UNAM. México (pp. 99-136).


The List

Taxa covered: This list covers the traditional Dicotyledónae (Dicotilledonaeas of Lott’s (2002) list in HNC).  It also includes one monocot species that was inadvertently included in Lott’s list.

Area covered: The area examined is bounded by a polygon (roughly rectangular) whose sides and points those sides are based on as follows.  Northern: where Carretera Federal 200, Puerto Vallarta, Melaque, Jalisco crosses the Río St. Nicholas (19.652301°, -105.182008°); Eastern: the town of Nacastillo, Jalisco (19.605855°, -104.922197°); Southern: where Carretera Federal 200, Puerto Vallarta, Melaque, Jalisco crosses the Río Purificación (19.35182°, -104.889495°); and Western: where the Río St. Nicholas empties into the Pacific Ocean (19.638757°, -105.213215°).

Presence in Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve: ^ alone indicates that the species has been found  in the part of the Biosphere Reserve managed by La Estación de Biología Chamela (EBCh) according to Lott’s HNC (2002) list.  ^n indicates that the species has been found in the Biosphere Reserve based on the nth listed reference (e.g., ^1 means that the species has been found in the Biosphere and the record is based on reference number 1 which in this site is gbif data).

Revisions: This list has as its source Lott’s HNC (2002) list.  When taxa in this list are modified the original is bracketed []. Taxa may be modified based on name changes, author citation changes, spelling errors, and change in provisional species status (aff. and cf.). The last change was changed when gbif shows multiple examples of the provisional species and is indicated by a 1 following the new non-provisional name.

Parentheses () show original gbif taxon names that I have updated and assist in following the logic of changes.


* taxonomic history/assignment is unclear or ambiguous

** gbif record includes two quite different species both of which are conceivably present in the area




Acanthaceae  Achatocarpaceae  Aizoaceae  Amaranthaceae  Anacardiaceae  

Apiaceae  Apocynaceae  Araliaceae  Asteraceae  Basellaceae  Bataceae  

Begoniaceae  Bignoniaceae  Bixaceae  Brassicaceae  Burseraceae  Cactaceae  

Campanulaceae  Cannabaceae  Capparaceae  Caricaceae  Caryophyllaceae  

Celastraceae  Chrysobalanaceae  Cleomaceae  Combretaceae  Connaraceae

Convolvulaceae  Cordiaceae  Crassulaceae  Cucurbitaceae  Cytinaceae  

Dilleniaceae  Ebenaceae  Ehretiaceae  Erythroxylaceae  Euphorbiaceae  

Fabaceae  Fagaceae  Heliotropiaceae  Hydroleaceae  Krameriaceae

Lamiacae  Lennoaceae  Linderniaceae  Loasaceae  Loganiaceae

Loranthaceae  Lythraceae  Malpighiaceae  Martyniaceae  Melastomataceae

Meliaceae  Menispermaceae  Molluginaceae  Moraceae  Moringaceae  Myrtaceae

Namaceae  Nyctaginaceae  Ochnaceae  Oleaceae  Onagraceae  Opiliaceae

Orobanchaceae  Oxalidaceae  Papaveraceae  Passifloraceae  Petiveriaceae

Phyllanthaceae  Phytolaccaceae  Picrodendraceae  Plantaginaceae

Plocospermataceae  Plumbaginaceae  Polygalaceae  Polygonaceae

Portulacaceae  Primulaceae  Ranunculaceae  Resedaceae  Rhamnaceae

Rhizophoraceae  Rosaceae  Rubiaceae  Rutaceae  Salicaceae  Santalaceae

Sapindaceae  Sapotaceae  Schoepfiaceae  Scrophulariaceae  Simaroubaceae

Solanaceae  Stegnospermataceae  Surianaceae  Talinaceae  Tetrachondraceae

Thymelaeaceae  Ulmaceae  Urticaceae  Verbenaceae  Violaceae  Vitaceae

Ximeniaceae  Zygophyllaceae



Annonaceae  Aristolochiaceae Hernandiaceae  Lauraceae  Piperaceae











^Avicennia germinans (L.) L. [Verbenaceae].

^Carlowrightia arizonica A. Gray. Images

^1Chileranthemum lottiae T.F.Daniel.

^Dicliptera resupinata (Vahl) Juss. Images

^Elytraria imbricata (Vahl) Pers. Images

^Henrya insularis Nees. [Henrya insularis Nees. Ex Benth.]. Images

^Holographis anisophylla T.F. Daniel.

^Dianthera breviflora (Nees) Rusby. [Justicia breviflora (Nees) Rusby].

^Dianthera candicans (Nees) Benth. & Hook.f. ex B.D.Jacks. [Justicia candicans (Nees) L.D. Benson].

Justicia cuixmalensis T.F. Daniel & E.J. Lott [Justicia sp. nov. Daniel 2?].2

^1Justicia hilsenbeckii T.F. Daniel. [Siphonoglossa mexicana Hilsenb.].1

^1Justicia ixtlania T.F. Daniel.

Justicia lundellii Leonard.1

^Justicia pacifica (Oerst.) Hemsl. [Justicia caudata A. Gray sens. lat.] (Justicia runyonii Small). Images

^Justicia periplocifolia Jacq. [Justicia reflexiflora Rich.]

^Justicia sp. nov. Daniel 1.

Justicia sp. nov. Daniel 3.

^Mexacanthus mcvaughii T.F. Daniel. Images

^Pseuderanthemum alatum (Nees) Radlk.

^Ruellia blechum L. [Blechum brownei Juss.].

^Ruellia foetida Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. [Ruellia foetida Willd.]. Images

^Ruellia hookeriana (Nees) Hemsl.

^Ruellia intermedia Leonard.

^Ruellia inundata Kunth. Images

^1Ruellia jaliscana Standl.1

Staurogyne miqueliana Kuntze [Staurogyne agrestis Leonard].

^Stenandrium pedunculatum (Donn.Sm.) Leonard.

^Tetramerium diffusum Rose.

^1Tetramerium glandulosum Oerst.

^Tetramerium nervosum Nees [Tetramerium nervosum Nees ex Benth].

^Tetramerium tenuissimum Rose.



^Achatocarpus gracilis H. Walter.

Achatocarpus nigricans Triana.1

^1Achatocarpus pubescens C. H. Wright.1



^1Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L.1

^1Sesuvium verrucosum Raf.

^Trianthema portulacastrum L.



^Achyranthes aspera L.

Alternanthera caracasana Kunth.

Alternanthera paronychioides A.St.-Hil.1

^1Alternanthera pycnantha (Benth.) Standl.[Alternanthera cf. pycnantha (Benth.) Standl.].

^1Amaranthus hybridus L.1

^Amaranthus palmeri S. Watson.

Amaranthus retroflexus L.

Amaranthus spinosus L.

^1Amaranthus fimbriatus (Torr.) Benth. [Amaranthus venulosus S. Wats.].

^Chamissoa altissima (Jacq.) Kunth.

^1Chenopodium L. sp.1

^1Froelichia interrupta (L.) Moq. (Froelichia interrupta var. colimensis R.A.McCauley1).

^1Gomphrena nitida Rothr.

^Gomphrena serrata L. [Gomphrena decumbens Jacq.].

^Gomphrena sonorae Torr.

^1Iresine angustifolia Euphrasen.1

^Iresine calea (Ibantz) Standl.

^Iresine interrupta Benth. Images

^Iresine pacifica Standl.

^Lagrezia monosperma (Rose) Standl.



^Amphipterygium adstringens (Schltdl.) Schiede ex Standl. [Julianaceae: Amphipterygium adstringens (Schlecht.) Schiede].

^Astronium graveolens Jacq.

^1Comocladia macrophylla L.Riley1 or ^Comocladia mollissima Kunth [Comocladia engleriana Loes.].* Images

^1Comocladia palmeri Rose.1

^1Cyrtocarpa kruseana R.M. Fonseca [Cyrtocarpa sp. nov. J. D. Mich. & Daly?].1

Magnifera indica L.1

^1Rhus L. sp.1

^1Spondias mombin L. (Spondias mombin Jacq.)1

^Spondias purpurea L.


Apiaceae [Umbelliferae]

^Eryngium nasturtiifolium Juss. ex F. Delaroche.



^Alstonia longifolia (A. DC.) Pichon.

^1Asclepias curassavica L. [Asclepiadaceae]. Images

Cascabela gaumeri (Hemsl.) H. Lippold.1

^Cascabela ovata (Cav.) H. Lippold [Thevetia ovata (Cav.) A. DC.].

^Cynanchum foetidum (Cav.) Kunth.[Cynanchum foetidum (Cav.) Kunth. vel sp. aff.] [Asclepiadaceae].

^1Dictyanthus asper (Mill.) W. D. Stevens.1

Dictyanthus pavonii Decne.1

^Dictyanthus sepicola (W. D. Stevens) W. D. Stevens [Matelea sepicola W.D. Stevens] [Asclepiadaceae].

Dictyanthus tuberosus Robins.1

^Echites yucatanensis Millsp. ex Standl. [Echites turriger Woodson].

^Forsteronia spicata (Jacq.) G. Mey. Images

Funastrum bilobum (Hook. & Arn.) J.F.Macbr.1  Images

^Funastrum clausum (Jacq.) Schltr. [Asclepiadaceae: Sarcostemma clausum (Jacq.) Schult.]. Images

^Gonolobus barbatus Kunth. [Asclepiadaceae].

Gonolobus jaliscensis B. L. Rob. & Greenm.1

^1Gonolobus leianthus J. D. Sm.1

^Laubertia contorta (M. Martens. & Galeotti) Woodson.

Macroscepis diademata (Ker-Gawl.) W.D. Stevens ? [Macroscepis sp. nov.] [Asclepiadaceae].1

^Mandevilla subsagittata (Ruiz & Pav.) Woodson.

^Marsdenia astephanoides (A. Gray) Woodson [Asclepiadaceae].

^Marsdenia callosa Juarez-Jaimes & W. D. Stevens [Asclepiadaceae].

^1Marsdenia coulteri Hemsl.1

^1Marsdenia cuixmalensis Juárez-Jaimes & L.O.Alvarado.1

Marsdenia gualanensis Donn.Sm.1

^Marsdenia lanata (Paul G. Wilson) W.D. Stevens [Asclepiadaceae].

^1Marsdenia propinqua Hemsl.1

Marsdenia pseudoedulis Woodson. [Ascelpiadaceae: Marsdenia blepharodes Standl. & Steyerm.].

^Marsdenia trivirgulata Bartlett. [Asclepiadaceae].

Matelea altatensis (Brandegee) Woodson [Asclepiadaceae].

^Matelea magallanesii E.J. Lott. [Asclepiadaceae].

^Metastelma sp. nov? aff. latifolium Rose [Asclepiadaceae].

^Plumeria rubra L.

^Polystemma guatemalense (Schltr.) W.D. Stevens [Asclepiadaceae: Matelea quirosii (Standl.) Woods.]. Images

^Prestonia mexicana A. DC.

^Rauvolfia tetraphylla L. Images

^Stemmadenia donnell-smithii (Rose) Woodson [Stemmadenia donnell-smithii (Rose ex J.D. Sm.) Woods.].

Tabernaemontana alba Mill.1

^Tabernaemontana amygdalifolia Jacq.

^1Tabernaemontana divaricata (L.) R. Br. ex Roem. & Schult.1(Tabernaemontana coronaria (Jacq.) Willd.1)1

^1Tabernaemontana glabra (Benth.) A.O. Simões & M.E.Endress (Stemmadenia mollis Benth.1) (Tabernaemontana odontadeniiflora A.O. Simões & M.E .Endress1).1

^1Tabernaemontana grandiflora Jacq.1

Tabernaemontana tomentosa (Greenm.) A.O. Simões & M.E. Endress.1

Vailia anomala (Brandeg.) W. D. Stevens [Blepharodon mucronatum (Schltdl.) Decne in DC.] [Asclepiadaceae].



^Aralia excelsa (Griseb.) J.Wen [Sciadodendron excelsum Griseb.].


Asteraceae [Compositae]

Acmella alba (L’Hér.) R.K. Jansen [Spilanthes alba Willd.].

Acmella radicans (Jacquin) R.K. Jansen.1

Acmella radicans var. radicans.1

Acmella oppositifolia (Lam.) R.K.Jansen [Spilanthes oppositifolia (Lam.) D’Arcy].

Ageratum houstonianum Mill.

^1Aldama dentata La LLave.1

Baccharis salicifolia (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.

^Baltimora geminata (Brandegee) Stuessy.

Bidens alba (L.) DC. (Bidens odorata var. rosea (Sch.Bip.) T.E.Melchert1).1

^1Bidens pilosa L. [Bidens odorata Cav.]

^Bidens reptans (L.) G. Don [Bidens reptans (L.) G. Don. var. urbanii (Greenm.)].

^1Bidens riparia Kunth. [Bidens riparia H.B.K. var. refracta (Brandg.) O.E. Schulz].

Bidens subalternans DC. or Critonia quadrangularis (DC.) R.M.King & H.Rob.1**

^1Brickellia coulteri A.Gray.1

^Brickellia coulteri var. adenopoda (B.L. Rob.) B.L.Turner [Brickellia coulteri var. megalodonta (Greenm.) McVaugh].

^1Brickellia diffusa (Vahl) A. Gray.

^1Calea urticifolia (Mill.) DC. var. urticifolia.1

Centratherum punctatum Cass.1

^Chromolaena collina (DC.) R.M.King & H.Rob [Eupatorium (Chromolaena) collinum DC.].

^1Chromolaena haenkeana (DC.) R.M.King & H.Rob. [Eupatorium haenkeanum DC.].

^1Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M.King & H.Rob. [Eupatorium odoratum L.].

Erigeron laevigatus Rich. [Conyza apurensis Kunth.].

Critonia quadrangularis (DC.) R.M.King & H.Rob. [Eupatorium quadrangulare DC.].

^Decachaeta haenkeana DC.

^1Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. [Eclipta prostrata (L.) Hassk.] (Eclipta alba Hassk.1)

Egletes viscosa (L.) Less.

Eremosis triflosculosa (Kunth) Gleason (Critoniopsis triflosculosa (Kunth) H.Rob.).1

^Eremosis triflosculosa (Kunth) Gleason subsp. triflosculosa [Vernonia triflosculosa (H.B.K.) subsp. triflosculosa].

^Fleischmannia arguta (Kunth) B.L. Rob.

Gamochaeta pensylvanica (Willd.) Cabrera. [Gnaphalium pensylvanicum Willd.].

Heterotheca inuloides Cass.1

^1Heterotheca inuloides var. rosei Wagenkn.1

^1Hofmeisteria dissecta (Hook. & Arn.) R.M. King & H. Rob.

^1Koanophyllon albicaulis (Sch.Bip. ex Klatt) R.M.King & H.Rob. [Eupatorium (Koanophyllon) albicaule Sch. Bip. ex Klatt.] (Koanophyllon albicaulis var. albicaulis1).

^1Koanophyllon albicaulis var. laxius B.L. Rob.1

^Koanophyllon palmeri (A.Gray) R.M.King & H.Rob.? [Eupatorium solidaginifolium A. Gray. var. palmeri [Eupatorium palmeri A. Gray var. palmeri]].*

^1Koanophyllon palmeri var. tonsa (B.L.Rob.) B.L.Turner (Koanophyllon palmeri var. tonsum B.L. Rob.1).1

Lagascea aurea Stuessy.

^1Lasianthaea ceanothifolia (Willd.) K.M. Becker.1

^1Lasianthaea ceanothifolia (Willd.) K.M. Becker var. ceanothifolia.1

^1Lasianthaea ceanothifolia var. gracilis (W.W.Jones) K.M. Becker.1

^1Lasianthaea ceanothifolia var. gradata (S.F. Blake) K.M. Becker.1

^Lasianthaea ceanothifolia (Willd.) K.M. Becker var. verbenifolia (DC.) K.M. Becker.

Melampodium divaricatum (L.C. Rich) DC. [Melampodium divaricatum (Rich. in Pers.) DC. in DC.].

Melampodium microcephalum Less.

Melampodium tenellum Hook. & Arn.

^Melanthera nivea (L.) Small.

^1Mikania cordifolia (L. f.) Willd.

^Milleria quinqueflora L. Images

^1Neurolaena lobata (L.) R. Br. [Pluchea symphytifolia (Mill.) Gillis].

^Otopappus microcephalus S.F. Blake.

^Otopappus tequilanus (A. Gray) B.L. Rob.

Oxypappus scaber (Hook. & Arn.) Benth.1

Parthenium hysterophorus L.

^Pectis exserta MacVaugh.

^1Pectis multiflosculosa (DC.) Sch. Bip. [Pectis arenaria Benth.].

^1Pectis prostrata Cav.

^Perityle microglossa var. microglossa Benth.

^1Pluchea carolinensis (Jacq.) G. Don.1

^Pluchea salicifolia (Mill.) S.F. Blake.

^1Porophyllum punctatum (Mill.) S.F. Blake.

^1Porophyllum ruderale (Jacq.) Cass.1

^Porophyllum ruderale var. macrocephalum (DC.) Cronquist [Porophyllum ruderale (Jacq.) Cass. subsp. macrocephalum (DC.) R.R. John.]. Images

Pseudelephantopus spicatus (Juss. ex Aubl) Rohr [Elephantopus spicatus B. Juss. ex Aubl.].

^1Pseudoconyza viscosa (Mill.) D’Arcy.

^1Rumfordia floribunda DC.(Rumfordia floribunda var. jaliscensis R.W.Sanders1).1

^Sclerocarpus divaricatus (Benth.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Hemsl.

Simsia amplexicaulis (Cav.) Pers.

^Sinclairia caducifolia (B.L. Rob. & Bartlett) Rydb. [Liabum (Sinclairia) caducifolium Robins. & Bartlett.].

^1Sinclairia glabra var. hypoleuca (Greenm.) B.L. Turner.1

Sinclairia liebmannii Klatt ex Sch. Bip.1

Sphagneticola trilobata (L.) J.F. Pruski (Wedelia trilobata A.St.-Hil.).1

^1Synedrella nodiflora (L.) Gaertn.

Tagetes erecta L.1

^1Tagetes linifolia Seaton.1

Tagetes lunulata Ortega.1

^Tithonia rotundifolia (Mill.) S.F. Blake. Images

^1Trichocoronis sessilifolia (S. Schauer) B.L. Rob.1

^Tridax dubia Rose.

^Tridax procumbens L. [Tridax procumbens (L.) L.]

Tridax tenuifolia J. N. Rose.1

Trixis inula Cr.1

Trixis mexicana Lex. var. mexicana1

^Trixis pterocaulis B.L. Rob. & Greenm.

^1Verbesina crocata (Cav.) Less.1

^Verbesina lottiana B.L. Turner & J.L. Olsen. Images

^Wamalchitamia strigosa (DC.) Strother. [Wedelia fertilis McVaugh.]

Wedelia acapulcensis Kunth.

Wedelia acapulcensis Kunth. var. acapulcensis.1

Wedelia strigosa Hook & Arn.1

Wedelia vexata Strother.

^1Zinnia angustifolia Kunth var. greggii (B.L.Rob. & Greenm.) McVaugh.1

^Zinnia bicolor (DC.) Hemsl.

^Zinnia flavicoma (DC.) Olorodes & Torres.

^Zinnia maritima Kunth.

^1Zinnia maritima var. maritima.1

^1Zinnia maritima var. palmeri (A. Gray) B.L. Turner (Zinnia palmeri A.Gray).1

^Zinnia purpusii Brandegee.



^Anredera vesicaria (Lam.) C.F. Gaertn. Images  Images



^1Batis maritima L.



Begonia falciloba Liebm.1

^Begonia palmeri S. Watson.

^1Begonia uruapensis Sessé & Moc.1



Adenocalymma apurense (Kunth) Sandwith.1

^Adenocalymma inundatum Mart. ex DC.

^Amphilophium crucigerum (L.) L.G.Lohmann [Pithecoctenium crucigerum (L.) A. Gentry].

^Astianthus viminalis (Kunth) Baill.

^Bignonia aequinoctialis L. [Cydista aequinoctialis (L.) Miers] (Cydista aequinoctialis var. hirtella (Benth.) A.H.Gentry1).

^Bignonia binata Thunb. [Clytostoma binatum (Thunb.) Sandw.]. Images

^Bignonia diversifolia Kunth [Cydista diversifolia (Kunth) Miers.]

^Crescentia alata Kunth.

^Dolichandra quadrivalvis (Jacq.) L.G.Lohmann [Melloa quadrivalvis (Jacq.) A. Gentry.].

^1Dolichandra unguis-cati (L.) L.G.Lohmann.1

^Fridericia dichotoma (Jacq.) L.G.Lohmann [Arrabidaea corallina (Jacq.) Sandw.].

^Fridericia patellifera (Schltdl.) L.G.Lohmann [Arrabidaea patellifera (Schlecht.) Sandw.].

^1Fridericia pubescens (L.) L.G.Lohmann.1

Fridericia schumanniana (Loes.) L.G.Lohmann.1

^Fridericia viscida (Donn.Sm.) L.G.Lohmann [Arrabidaea viscida (Donn. Sm.) A Gentry.].

^Handroanthus chrysanthus (Jacq.) S.O.Grose [Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) Nicholson].

^Handroanthus impetiginosus (Mart. ex DC.) Mattos [Tabebuia impetiginosa (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.].

Mansoa DC. sp.1

^Roseodendron donnell-smithii (Rose) Miranda [Tabebuia donnell-smithii Rose.].

^Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv.

^Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) Bertero ex A.DC. [Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC.].

^Xylophragma seemannianum (Kuntze.) Sandwith.



Amoreuxia palmatifida Moc. & Sessé ex DC. [Cochlospermaceae].

^Bixa orellana L.

^Cochlospermum vitifolium (Willd.) Spreng. [Cochlospermaceae].


Brassicaceae [Cruciferae]

Rorippa teres (Mich.) Stuckey [Rorippa teres (Michx.) Stuckey var. rollinsii Stuckey].



^Bursera arborea (Rose) Riley.

Bursera denticulata McVaugh & Rzed.

^1Bursera excelsa (Kunth) Engl.Images

^Bursera excelsa (Kunth) Engl. var. acutidens (Sprague & Riley) McVaugh & Rzed.

Bursera excelsa (Kunth) Engl. var. excelsa.1

Bursera excelsa var. favonialis McVaugh & Rzed.1

^Bursera fagaroides (Kunth) Engl.

^Bursera grandifolia (Schltdl.) Engl.

^1Bursera graveolens (Kunth) Triana & Planch.1

^Bursera heteresthes Bullock.

^Bursera instabilis McVaugh & Rzed.

^1Bursera ovalifolia (Schltdl.) Engl.1

^Bursera palaciosii Rzed. & Calderón.

Bursera ribana Rzed. & Calderón.1

Bursera roseana Rzed., Calderón & Medina1

Bursera simaruba (L.) Sarg.1

^Bursera Rzed.& Calderón.



^Acanthocereus cuixmalensis (Sánchez-Mej.) Lodé [Peniocereus cuixmalensis Sánchez-Mejorada].

Acanthocereus fosterianus (Cutak) Lodé (Peniocereus fosterianus Cutak1).1

^Acanthocereus rosei (J.G.Ortega) Lodé [Peniocereus rosei González-Ortega].

^Acanthocereus tetragonus (L.) Hummelinck [Acanthocereus occidentalis Britton & Rose].

^Mammillaria beneckei C. Enrenb.

^1Mammillaria karwinskiana Mart (Mammillaria karwinskiana subsp. beiselii (Diers) D.R.Hunt1).1

^Mammillaria karwinskiana Mart. subsp. collinsii (Britton & Rose) D.R.Hunt[Mammillaria aff. collinsii (Britton & Rose) Orcutt].

^Mammillaria mazatlanensis K.Schum. ex Gürke [Mammillaria occidentalis (Britton & Rose) Boedeker] (Mammillaria mazatlanensis subsp. patonii (Bravo) D.R.Hunt1).

Mammillaria scrippsiana (Britton & Rose) Orcutt (Mammillaria ortegae Orcutt1).1

^Melocactus curvispinus Pfeiff. subsp. dawsonii (Bravo) N.P. Taylor [Melocactus dawsonii Bravo].

Opuntia cochenillifera (L.) Mill. (Nopalea cochenillifera (L.) Salm-Dyck).1

^Opuntia decumbens Salm-Dyck [Opuntia puberula Pfeiff.]. Images

Opuntia dejecta Salm-Dyck (Nopalea dejecta (Salm-Dyck) Salm-Dyck).1

^Opuntia excelsa Sánchez-Mej.

Opuntia fuliginosa Griffiths.1.

^Opuntia karwinskiana Salm-Dyck [Nopalea karwinskiana (Salm-Dyck) Schumann]. Images

^Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum (Engelm. ex S.Watson) Britton & Rose [Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum Britt. & Rose].

^Pilosocereus purpusii (Britton & Rose) Byles & G.D. Rowley [Cephalocereus purpusii Britt. & Rose].

Selenicereus ocamponis (Salm-Dyck) D.R. Hunt [Hylocereus ocamponis (Salm-Dyck) Britton & Rose].

^Selenicereus vagans (K. Brandegee) Britton & Rose.

^Stenocereus chrysocarpus Sánchez-Mej.

Stenocereus fricii Sánchez-Mej.

^1Stenocereus standleyi (J.G. Ortega) Buxb.



Lobelia cordifolia Hook & Arn.

^1Lobelia fenestralis Cav.1

Lobelia xalapensis Kunth.



^1Celtis caudata Planch. [Ulmaceae].

^Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sarg. [Ulmaceae].

^Trema micrantha (L.) Blume.



Capparidastrum frondosum (Jacq.) Cornejo & Iltis [Capparis frondosa Jacq.].

Cleome serrata Jacq.

^Crateva palmeri Rose.

^Crataeva tapia L.

^Cynophalla flexuosa (L.) J.Presl [Capparis flexuosa (L.) L.]. Images

^Cynophalla verrucosa (Jacq.) J.Presl [Capparis verrucosa Jacq.].

^Morisonia americana L.

^1Quadrella incana (Kunth) Iltis & Cornejo [Capparis incana H.B.K.].

^Quadrella indica (L.) Iltis & Cornejo [Capparis indica (L.) Druce].



^1Carica papaya L.

^Jacaratia mexicana A. DC.

^1Jarilla chocola Standl.1

^Jarilla heterophylla (Cerv. ex La Llave) Rusby [Jarilla heterophylla (Cav.) Rusby].



Drymaria multiflora T. S. Brandegee.1

Drymaria villosa subsp. palustris (Cham. & Schltdl.) J.A.Duke.



^Crossopetalum uragoga (Jacq.) Kuntze.

^Elaeodendron xylocarpum (Vent.) DC. [Elaeodendron trichotomum (Turcz.) Lundell.].

^Pristimera celastroides (Kunth.) A. C. Sm.[Hippocrateaceae].

^Hippocratea volubilis L. [Hippocrateaceae].

^Schaefferia lottiae Lundell.

^Semialarium mexicanum (Miers) A.M.W. Mennega [Hippocrateaceae: Hemiangium excelsum (H.B.K.) A. C. Sm.].

Tricerma phyllanthoides (Benth.) Lundell.1



^Couepia polyandra (Kunth) Rose.



^Arivela viscosa (L.) Rafin. [Cleome viscosa L.] [Capparaceae].

^Physostemon hemsleyanum (Bullock) R. C. Foster [Cleome hemsleyana (Bullock) H.H. Iltis] [Capparaceae].

^Tarenaya aculeata (L.) Soares Neto & Roalson [Cleome aculeata L.] [Capparaceae].

Tarenaya spinosa (Jacq.) Rafin. [Cleome spinosa Jacq.] [Capparaceae]. Images



^1Combretum decandrum Jacq.1

^1Combretum farinosum Kunth (Combretum sp. 1?)1,3 Images

^Combretum fruticosum (Loefl.) Stuntz.

^4Combretum igneiflorum Rendón & R. Delgad.1,4

^1Combretum laxum Jacq.

Conocarpus erectus L.

^1Laguncularia racemosa (L.) C.F. Gaertn.



^Rourea glabra Kunth var. glabra .



^Bonamia mexicana J.A. McDonald.

^Camonea umbellata (L.) A.R.Simões & Staples [Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f.] Images

Cressa truxillensis Kunth.

^5Cuscuta boldinghii Urb.5

Cuscuta gracillima Engelm.1

Cuscuta sidarum Liebm. (Cuscuta saccharata Liebm.1)1

^Distimake aegyptius (L.) A.R.Simões & Staples [Merremia aegyptia (L.) Urb.]. Images

^Distimake quinquefolius (L.) A.R.Simões & Staples [Merremia quinquefolia (L.) Hallier f.]

^Evolvulus tenuis Mart. ex Choisy[Evolvulus aff. tenuis Mart. ex Choisy].

^Evolvulus alsinoides (L.) L.

^Evolvulus cardiophyllus Schltdl.

^1Evolvulus filipes Mart.1

^1Ipomoea alba L.

^Ipomoea ampullacea Fernald.

^1Ipomoea arborescens (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) G.Don.1

Ipomoea cf. batatas (L.) Lam.

^Ipomoea batatoides Choisy. [Ipomoea cf. microsticta Hallier f.].

^1Ipomoea bernoulliana Peter.1

^Ipomoea bombycina (Choisy) Benth. & Hook. f. ex Hemsl. [Ipomoea bombycina (Choisy) Benth. & Hook].

^Ipomoea bracteata Cav. Images

^Ipomoea capillacea (Kunth) G. Don [Ipomoea muricata Cav.].

^Ipomoea chamelana J.A. McDonald.

^Ipomoea clavata (G.Don.) Ooststr. ex J.F. Macbr. [Ipomoea clavata (G.Don.) Ooststr.].

^1Ipomoea cordatotriloba Dennst.1

Ipomoea corymbosa (L.) Roth (Turbina corymbosa (L.) Raf.1).1

Ipomoea crinicalyx S. Moore.

^Ipomoea hederifolia L. Images

^1Ipomoea heptaphylla Sweet [Ipomoea wrightii A. Gray].

Ipomoea imperati (Vahl) Griseb.

^1Ipomoea indica (Burm.) Merr.1

^1Ipomoea laeta A.Gray ex S.Watson[Ipomoea aff. laeta A. Gray].

^Ipomoea lottiae J.A. McDonald. Images

^Ipomoea meyeri (Spreng.) G. Don. Images

^1Ipomoea microsepala Benth.1

^Ipomoea minutiflora (M. Martens & Galeotti) House. Images

^1Ipomoea muricata (L.) Jacq.1

^Ipomoea neei (Spreng.) O’Donell.

^Ipomoea nil (L.) Roth.

Ipomoea pauciflora M.Martens & Galeotti1

^Ipomoea pedicellaris Benth. Images

^1Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br.

^Ipomoea quamoclit L.

^1Ipomoea rubens Choisy.1

^Ipomoea trifida (Kunth) G. Don.

^1Ipomoea triloba L. Images

^Ipomoea wolcottiana Rose. Images

^Jacquemontia nodiflora (Desr.) G. Don. Images

^Jacquemontia pentanthos (Jacq.) G. Don. [Jacquemontia pentantha (Jacq.) G. Don.].Images

^1Jacquemontia pycnocephala Benth.1

^Jacquemontia tamnifolia (L.) Griseb.

^Operculina pteripes (G. Don) O’Donell. Images

Xenostegia pinnata (Hochst. ex Choisy) A.R.Simões & Staples.1



^Cordia alliodora (Ruiz & Pav.) Oken.[Boraginaceae]. Images

^Cordia dentata Poir. [Boraginaceae]. Images

^Cordia elaeagnoides A. DC. [Boraginaceae].

^Cordia gerascanthus L. [Boraginaceae].

^Cordia salvadorensis Standl. [Boraginaceae].

^Cordia seleriana Fernald. [Boraginaceae].

^1Cordia sonorae Rose.1

Cordia truncatifolia Bartlett.1

^Varronia curassavica Jacq. [Cordia curassavica (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult.]


Varronia foliosa (M.Martens & Galeotti) Borhidi (Cordia foliosa Mart. & Gal.).1

Varronia globosa Jacq. [Cordia globosa (Jacq.) H.B.K.] [Boraginaceae].

^Varronia inermis (Mill.) Borhidi [Cordia inermis (Mill.) I.M. Johnst.] [Boraginaceae].



Kalanchoe Adans. sp.1

^Sedum hintonii R.T. Clausen.



^Cayaponia attenuata (Hook. & Arn.) Cogn. [Cayaponia attenuata (Hook. & Arn.) Cogn. in DC.]. Images

^Cucumis anguria L.

^Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach.[ Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb.].

Cucumis melo L. [Cucumis melo L. var. dudaim (L.) Dunal.] (Cucumis melo var. chito (Morren) Naudin1) (Cucumis melo L. var. dudaim (L.) Naud.1).

Cucumis melo L. subsp. melo.1

^Cucurbita argyrosperma subsp. sororia (L. H. Bailey) L.C. Merrick & D.M. Bates.

^1Cucurbita moschata Duchesne [Cucurbita moschata (Duch.) Poiret].

^1Cyclanthera carthagenensis (Jacq.) H.Schaef. & S.S.Renner [Rytidostylis gracilis Hook. & Arn.].

Cyclanthera dissecta (Torr. & A. Gray.) Arn.

^Cyclanthera multifoliola Cogn. (=? Cyclanthera multifoliolata Cogn.1). Images

^Dieterlea fusiformis Lott.

^1Doyerea emetocathartica Grosourdy.

^Echinopepon racemosus (Steud.) C. Jeffrey.

Echinopepon wrightii (A.Gray) S.Watson [Echinopepon paniculatus (Cogn.) Dieterle].

^1Luffa cylindrica (L.) M. Roem.

Luffa operculata (L.) Cogn. [Luffa quinquefida (Hook. & Arn.) Seemann].

^Melothria pendula L. Images

Microsechium Naudin sp.1

^Momordica charantia L.

^Polyclathra cucumerina Bertol. [Polyclathra albiflora (Cogn.) Jeffrey]. Images

^Schizocarpum longisepalum C. Jeffrey.

^1Schizocarpum reflexum Rose.1

^Sechiopsis tetraptera Dieterle. Images

^Sicydium synantherum (Dieterle) H.Schaef. & S.S.Renner [Chalema synanthera Dieterle].

^Sicyos barbatus (H. Gentry) C. Jeffrey.

^Sicyos microphyllus Kunth.

Sicyos peninsularis Brandegee.1

Sicyos sertulifer Cogn. (Sicyos sertuliferus Cogn. ex T.Durand & Pitt.).1



^Bdallophytum americanum (R.Br.) Eichler ex Solms [Bdallophyton [sic] americanum (A. Br.) Harms.] [Rafflesiaceae].



Curatella americana L.1

^1Tetracera portobellensis Beurl.



^Diospyros aequoris Standl.

Diospyros kirkii Hiern (Diospyros latifolia Gürke)1

Diospyros nigra (J.F.Gmel.) Perrier.1

^Diospyros sp. aff. rosei Standl.



^1Bourreria andrieuxii (A.DC.) Hemsl.1

Bourreria hintonii (La Llave & Lex.) I. M. Johnst.1

^Bourreria purpusii Brandegee [Bourreria cf. purpusii Brandegee] [Boraginaceae].

^Bourreria rubra E.J. Lott & J.S. Mill. [Boraginaceae].

Bourreria succulenta Jacq.1

Bourreria superba I. M. Johnst.1



^1Erythroxylum areolatum L.1

^Erythroxylum havanense Jacq.

^Erythroxylum mexicanum Kunth.

^Erythroxylum rotundifolium Lunan sens. lat.



^Acalypha alopecuroidea Jacq.

Acalypha brachyclada Müll.Arg.

^Acalypha cincta Müll.Arg.

^Acalypha flagellata Millsp. [Acalypha multiflora (Standl.) Radcliffe-Sm.].

^Acalypha gigantesca McVaugh.

^Acalypha langiana Müll.Arg.

^1Acalypha laxiflora Müll.Arg.1

Acalypha macrostachya Jacq.1

^1Acalypha microcephala Müll.Arg.1

^1Acalypha microphylla Klotzsch.1

^Acalypha microphylla Klotzsch var. interior McVaugh.

Acalypha microphylla Klotzsch var. microphylla.1

^1Acalypha monostachya Cav. (Acalypha hederacea Torr.).1

^Acalypha ostryifolia Ridd. ex J.M. Coult. [Acalypha ostryifolia Ridd.].

Acalypha polystachya Jacq.1

^Acalypha pseudalopecuroides Pax & K.Hoffm.

^Acalypha schiedeana Schltdl.

^1Acalypha vagans Cav. 1

Acalypha L.

^Adelia oaxacana (Müll.Arg.) Hemsl.

^Argythamnia lottiae J.W. Ingram.

Astraea lobata (L.) Klotzsch [Croton lobatus L.].

Bernardia gentryana Croizat.[Bernardia cf. gentryana Croizat.].

Bernardia mexicana (Hook. & Arn.) Müll. Arg.

^Bernardia spongiosa McVaugh.

^1Bernardia wilburii McVaugh.

Caperonia castaneifolia (L.) A.St.-Hil.

^1Caperonia palustris (L.) A.St.-Hil.

^Cnidoscolus spinosus Lundell.

^1Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur.1

^Cnidoscolus urens (L.) Arthur subsp.(var.?) urens.

^Croton acapulcensis M.J.Martinez Gordillo & J.Jiménez Ram.

^Croton alamosanus Rose.

Croton argenteus L.

^Croton chamelensis E.J. Lott.

Croton conspurcatus Schltdl.

^1Croton culiacanensis Croizat.1

^Croton cupulifer MaVaugh [Croton cupuliferus MaVaugh].

^1Croton fragilis Kunth.1

Croton hirtus L’Hér.

^Croton mazapensis Lundell [Croton mazapensis Lundell var. nov. Webster (= var. pacifica G.L.Webster?)].

^Croton morifolius Willd. var. morifolius [Croton flavescens Greenm.].

^Croton niveus Jacq.

^Croton pseudoniveus Lundell. Images

^Croton reflexifolius Kunth.

^Croton roxanae Croizat.

^Croton suberosus Kunth. Images

^Croton tremulifolius Croizat.

^Dalechampia scandens L.

Ditaxis manzanilloana (Rose) Pax & K.Hoffm. [Argythamnia manzanilloana Rose].

^Enriquebeltrania disjuncta De-Nova & Sosa.[ Enriquebeltrania crenatifolia (Miranda) Rzed.]6

^Euphorbia calcarata (Schltdl.) V.W.Steinm. [Pedilanthus calcaratus Schltdl.].

^Euphorbia colletioides Benth. Images

^1Euphorbia dioeca Kunth [Chamaesyce dioica [sic] (H.B.K.) Millsp.].

^Euphorbia dioscoreoides Boiss.

Euphorbia dioscoreoides Boiss. subsp. attenuata Steinmann.1

Euphorbia francoana Boiss.

^Euphorbia graminea Jacq. Images

Euphorbia graminea Jacq. var. graminea.1

^Euphorbia heterophylla L.

^Euphorbia hirta L. [Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp.].

^Euphorbia humayensis Brandegee.

^Euphorbia hypericifolia L. [Chamaesyce hypericifolia (L.) Millsp.].

^Euphorbia hyssopifolia L. [Chamaesyce hyssopifolia (L.) Small].

Euphorbia mendezii Boiss. [Chamaesyce mendezii (Boiss.) Millsp.?].

Euphorbia mexiae Standl.

^Euphorbia oaxacana B.L. Rob. & Greenm.

^Euphorbia peganoides Boiss.

^Euphorbia perlignea McVaugh [Chamaesyce perlignea (McVaugh) G.L. Webster].

^1Euphorbia schlechtendalii Boiss.1

^Euphorbia schlechtendalii Boiss. var. websteri McVaugh.

^Euphorbia tanquahuete Sessé & Moc.

^Euphorbia thymifolia L. [Chamaesyce thymifolia (L.) Millsp.].

^1Hippomane mancinella L.

Hura polyandra Baill.

^Jatropha bullockii E.J. Lott.

^Jatropha chamelensis Pérez-Jim.

Jatropha curcas L.

^Jatropha malacophylla Standl.

^1Jatropha peltata Sessé [Jatropha platyphylla Müll. Arg.].

Jatropha pereziae J.Jiménez Ram.1

^1Jatropha standleyi Steyerm.1

^Jatropha sympetala S.F. Blake &Standl.

Jatropha L.

^Manihot chlorosticta Standl. & Goldman. Images

^Ophellantha spinosa Standl.

^Pleradenophora lottiae (McVaugh) A.L.Melo & Esser [Sebastiania lottiae McVaugh].

^1Ricinus communis L.

Sapium glandulosum (L.) Morong.1

^Sapium macrocarpum Müll.Arg. [Sapium pedicellatum Huber].

^1Sebastiania hintonii Lundell.1

^1Sebastiania pavoniana (Müll.Arg.) Müll. Arg.

Tragia glanduligera Pax & K.Hoffm.1

^Tragia pacifica McVaugh.

^Tragia volubilis L.


Fabaceae [Leguminosae]

^Acaciella angustissima (Mill.) Britton & Rose [Acacia angustissima (Mill.) Kuntze].

^1Acaciella angustissima (Mill.) Britton & Rose var. angustissima (Acacia angustissima var. angustissima1).1

^Acaciella chamelensis (L. Rico) L. Rico [Acacia chamelensis L. Rico.].

^Acaciella rosei (Standl.) Britton & Rose [Acacia rosei Standl.] [Acaciella ortegae Britt. & Rose].

^1Aeschynomene americana L.1

^Aeschynomene americana L. var. americana.

^1Aeschynomene americana L. var. flabellata Rudd.1

^Aeschynomene amorphoides (S.Watson) Rose ex B.L. Rob.

Aeschynomene brasiliana (Poir.)DC.1

Aeschynomene villosa Poir. [Aeschynomene villosa Poir. in Lam.].

^Albizia occidentalis Brandegee.

^Albizia tomentosa (Micheli) Standl.

Andira galeottiana Standl.1

^1Andira inermis (Wright) Kunth ex DC.1

^1Andira jaliscensis R.T. Penn. [Andira sp. nov. T.R. Pennington?].1

^Apoplanesia paniculata C. Presl.

Bauhinia acuminata L.1

^Bauhinia divaricata L. Images

Bauhinia pringlei S.Watson.1

^Bauhinia pauletia Pers.

^Bauhinia subrotundifolia Cav.

^Bauhinia ungulata L. Images

^1Brongniartia pacifica McVaugh.

^7Brongniartia papyracea Dorado & D.M. Arias [Brongniartia sp. nov. Dorado].7

^Caesalpinia pulcherrima (L.) Sw. Images

^1Calliandra caeciliae Harms.1

Calliandra rubescens (M.Martens & Galeotti)Standl.1

Calliandra tergemina (L.) Benth.1

^Calliandra tergemina (L.) Benth. var. emarginata (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Barneby [Calliandra emarginata (Willd.) Benth.].

Calopogonium caeruleum (Benth.) C.Wright [Calopogonium caeruleum (Benth.) Hemsl.].

^1Calopogonium mucunoides Desv.

^Canavalia acuminata Rose.

^1Canavalia rosea (Sw.) DC. [Canavalia maritima (Aubl.) Thouars].

Cassia emarginata Berry (author citation is for a fossil taxon).1*

^Cassia hintonii Sandwith.

^Cenostigma eriostachys (Benth.) Gagnon & G.P.Lewis [Caesalpinia eriostachys Benth.].

^Centrosema plumieri (Turpin ex Pers.) Benth. [Centrosema plumieri (Pers.) Benth.].

^Centrosema sagittatum (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Brandegee [Centrosema sagittatum (Willd.) Brandg. ex Riley]. Images

^Centrosema virginianum (L.) Benth.

Chamaecrista absus (L.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. meonandra (H.S.Irwin & Barneby) H.S.Irwin & Barneby [Chamaecrista absus (L.) I. & B. var. meonandra (H.S. Irwin & Barneby) H.S.Irwin].

^1Chamaecrista chamaecristoides (Collad.) Greene1

Chamaecrista chamaecristoides (Collad.) Greene var. chamaecristoides.

^1Chamaecrista nictitans (L.) Moench1

^1Chamaecrista nictitans (L.) Moench var. jaliscensis (Greenm.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

Chamaecrista rotundifolia (Pers.)1

Chamaecrista rotundifolia (Pers.) Greene var. rotundifolia.

^1Chloroleucon mangense (Jacq.) Britton & Rose1

^Chloroleucon mangense var. leucospermum (Brandegee) Barneby & J.W.Grimes [Chloroleucon mangense (Jacq.) Britton & Rose var. leucospermum (Brandegee) Barneby & J.W.Grimes].

^Clitoria ternatea L.

^1Cologania biloba (Lindl.) G.Nicholson.1

Conzattia multiflora (B.L. Rob) Standl.

^Coulteria platyloba (S.Watson) N. Zamora [Caesalpinia platyloba S. Wats.].

^1Coulteria velutina (Britton & Rose) S. Sotuyo & G.P. Lewis (Caesalpinia velutina (Britton & Rose) Standl.1).

^1Coursetia caribaea (Jacq.)Lavin.1

^Coursetia caribaea (Jacq.) Lavin var. caribaea.

Coursetia glandulosa A. Gray. [Coursetia glandulosa Harms].

^Crotalaria cajanifolia Kunth.

^1Crotalaria incana L.1

^Crotalaria incana L. var. incana.

^1Crotalaria longirostrata Hook. & Arn.1

^Crotalaria pumila Ortega.

^Cynometra oaxacana Brandegee.

^Dalbergia congestiflora Pittier.

^1Dalbergia granadillo Pittier.1

^Dalea carthagenensis (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr.

Dalea carthagenensis var. capitulata (Rydb.)Barneby.1

^1Dalea cliffortiana Willd.

Delonix regia (Bojer ex Hook.) Raf. [Delonix regia (Bojer). Raf.]

Desmanthus bicornutus S. Watson.

^1Desmanthus virgatus (L.) Willd.1

^Desmanthus virgatus (L.) Willd. var. virgatus.

Desmodium incanum (Sw.) DC. [Desmodium incanum DC. in DC.].

Desmodium jaliscanum S.Watson.1

Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) Hitchc.1

Desmodium procumbens var. exiguum (A.Gray) B.G.Schub.1

^Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) var. longipes (Schindl.) B.G. Schub.

Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) C.L .Hitchc. var. neomexicanum (A.Gray) H.Ohashi (Desmodium neomexicanum A.Gray1).1

^1Desmodium procumbens (Mill) Hitchc. var. procumbens.1

Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) C.L.Hitchc. var. transversum (B.L.Rob. & Greenm.) B.G.Schub.1

Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) C.L.Hitchc. var. typicum B.G. Schub. (name not validly published).1

^Desmodium scorpiurus (Sw.) Desv. ex DC. [Desmodium scorpiurus (Sw.) Desv.].

^Desmodium tortuosum (Sw.) DC.

Diphysa americana (Mill.)M.Sousa.1

^Diphysa occidentalis Rose.

Diphysa puberulenta Rydb.

Diphysa racemosa Rose.1

^Diphysa thurberi (A.Gray) Rydb. , sens. lat. [Diphysa thurberi (A. Gray) Rydb. ex Standl., sens. lat.].

^Entada polystachya (L.) DC. Images

Entada polystachya (L.) DC. var. polystachya.1

^1Enterolobium cyclocarpum (Jacq.) Griseb.

^1Erythrina americana Mill.1

Erythrina breviflora Moc. & Sessé ex DC.1

Erythrina flabelliformis Kearney1

^1Erythrina lanata Rose.1

^Erythrina lanata Rose subsp. occidentalis (Standl.) Krukoff & Barneby.

^1Erythrostemon acapulcensis (Standl.) Gagnon & G.P. Lewis (Caesalpinia acapulcensis Standl.1).1

^Erythrostemon caladenia (Standl.) Gagnon & G.P.Lewis [Caesalpinia caladenia Standl.].

^1Erythrostemon mexicanus (A.Gray) Gagnon & G.P.Lewis [Caesalpinia mexicana A. Gray].

^1Erythrostemon standleyi (Britton & Rose) Gagnon & G.P.Lewis (Caesalpinia standleyi Standl.1)1

^Galactia acapulcensis Rose.

^Galactia striata (Jacq.) Urb. [Galactia striata (Jacq.)].

^Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Walp. [Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steudel.].

Guilandina bonduc L. [Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb.].

^Haematoxylum brasiletto H. Karst.

^1Havardia platyloba (Bertero ex DC.) Britton & Rose (Havardia platyloba Standl.).1*

^Indigofera constricta (Thwaites) Trimen [Indigofera constricta Rydb.].

Indigofera constricta (Thwaites) Trimen var. constricta.1

^Indigofera cuernavacana Rose.

^1Indigofera jamaicensis Spreng.

Indigofera lespedezioides Kunth.(Indigofera mucronata Lam.1)1*

Indigofera microcarpa Desv. [Indigofera sabulicola Benth.].

^1Indigofera palmeri S. Watson.

^1Indigofera suffruticosa Mill.

Inga vera Willd. subsp. eriocarpa (Benth.) Leon [Inga eriocarpa Benth.].

^1Inga vera Willd. subsp. vera (Inga vera subsp. spuria (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) J.Leon1).1

Lennea viridiflora Seem. var. viridiflora [Lennea brunnescens Standl.].

Leptospron adenanthum (G.Mey.) A.Delgado (Vigna adenantha (G.Mey.) Maréchal, Mascherpa & Stainier1)1

^Leucaena lanceolata S. Watson.

Leucaena lanceolata S. Watson. var. lanceolata.1

Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.)de Wit.1

^Libidibia coriaria (Jacq.) Schltdl. [Caesalpinia coriaria (Jacq.) Willd.].

^Libidibia sclerocarpa (Standl.) Britton & Rose [Caesalpinia sclerocarpa Standl.].

Lonchocarpus atropurpureus Benth.1

Lonchocarpus caudatus Pittier.

^Lonchocarpus constrictus Pittier.

Lonchocarpus cruentus Lundell.1

^Lonchocarpus eriocarinalis Micheli.

^Lonchocarpus guatemalensis Benth.

Lonchocarpus hermannii M. Sousa.

^Lonchocarpus hintonii Sandwith.

^Lonchocarpus lanceolatus Benth.

^1Lonchocarpus longipedicellatus Pittier.

^Lonchocarpus magallanesii M. Sousa.

^1Lonchocarpus minor M. Sousa.

^Lonchocarpus mutans M. Sousa.

^1Lonchocarpus parviflorus Benth.1

^Lonchocarpus peninsularis (Donn. Sm.) Pittier [Lonchocarpus cochleatus Pitt].

^1Lonchocarpus rugosus Benth.1

Lonchocarpus sinaloensis (Gentry) F.J. Herm.

^1Lysiloma acapulcense (Kunth) Benth.1

^1Lysiloma divaricatum (Jacq.) J.F. Macbr.1

^Lysiloma microphylla Benth. [Lysiloma microphyllum Benth].

Machaerium salvadorense (Donn. Sm.) Rudd.

^Macroptilium atropurpureum (DC.) Urb.

^Macroptilium gracile (Benth.) Urb. [Macroptilium longipedunculatum Benth.].

^1Mariosousa acatlensis (Benth.) Seigler & Ebinger [Acacia acatlensis Benth.].*

^1Mimosa acantholoba Poir.1

Mimosa acantholoba (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Poir. var. acantholoba [Mimosa acantholoba (Willd.) Poir. In Lam. var. acantholoba].

Mimosa acantholoba Poir var. eurycarpa (B.L.Rob.) Barneby.1

Mimosa affinis Robinson.

^1Mimosa albida Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.1

^Mimosa albida var. glabrior B.L. Rob.

^Mimosa arenosa (Willd.) Poir. [Mimosa arenosa (Willd.) Poir. var. leiocarpa (DC.) Barneby].

Mimosa asperata L.1

^Mimosa camporum Benth.

Mimosa diffusa Benth.1

Mimosa distachya Cav.1

^Mimosa distachya Cav. var. chamelae Barneby.

Mimosa distachya Cav. var. distachya.1

Mimosa guatemalensis (Hook. & Arn.) Benth.1

^Mimosa leptocarpa Rose.

^1Mimosa pellita Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.1

^1Mimosa pigra L.

Mimosa pigra L. var. pigra1

^1Mimosa quadrivalvis L.1

^Mimosa quadrivalvis L. var. diffusa (Rose) Barneby.

^1Mimosa robusta R. Grether.(Mimosa quadrivalvis var. distachya (Moc. & Sessé ex DC.) Barneby.1)

^Mimosa sicyocarpa Robinson.

^1Mimosa velloziana Mart.1

Mucuna sloanei Fawc. & Rendle.

Myrospermum frutescens Jacq.1

^1Neptunia oleracea Lour. [Neptunia natans (L. f.) Druce].

^1Neptunia plena (L.) Benth.

Neptunia pubescens Benth.1

Neptunia pubescens Benth. var. microcarpa (Rose) Windler 1

^Neptunia pubescens Benth. var. pubescens.

^1Nissolia fruticosa Jacq.1

^Nissolia fruticosa Jacq. var. fruticosa.

^Nissolia leiogyne Sandwith.

^Pachyrhizus erosus (L.) Urb.

^1Phaseolus filiformis Benth.1

^Phaseolus lunatus L. (Phaseolus lunatus var. silvester Baudet1).

^Phaseolus macvaughii Delgado.

^Phaseolus microcarpus Mart.

^1Phaseolus vulgaris L.1

^Piptadenia flava (Spreng. ex DC.) Benth. [Piptadenia flava (Spreng.) Benth.].

^Piptadenia obliqua (Pers.) J.F. Macbr. [Piptadenia constricta (Pers.) J.F. Macbr.] (Pityrocarpa obliqua (Pers.) Brenan var. obliqua1*).

Piptadenia obliqua (Pers.) J.F. Macbr. subsp. obliqua.1

^Piscidia carthagenensis Jacq.

^Pithecellobium dulce (Roxb.) Benth. [Pithecellobium dulce (Roth.) Benth.].

^Pithecellobium lanceolatum (Wlld.) Benth.

Pithecellobium oblongum Benth.1

^1Pithecellobium seleri Harms.1

^Pithecellobium unguis-cati (L.) Benth. [Pithecellobium unguis-cati (L.) Mart.].

^Platymiscium lasiocarpum Sandwith.

^Poeppigia procera C. Pesl.

^Poiretia punctata (Willd.) Desv.

^1Prosopis juliflora (Sw.) DC.

Prosopis laevigata (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) M.C.Johnst.1

^Pterocarpus orbiculatus DC.

^1Ramirezella strobilophora (B.L. Rob) Rose.1

^Ramirezella strobilophora var. buseri (Micheli) Maréchal, Mascherpa & Stainier [Vigna strobilophora B.L. Rob. var. buseri (Micheli) McVaugh].

^1Rhynchosia delicatula O. Téllez & M. Sousa.

Rhynchosia edulis Griseb.

^Rhynchosia minima (L.) DC.

^Rhynchosia precatoria (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) DC. [Rhynchosia precatoria (Humb. & Bonpl.) DC.].

Rhynchosia pyramidalis (Lam.)Urb.1

Rhynchosia reticulata (Sw.) DC. var. reticulata.

^1Rhynchosia tarphantha Standl.1

Senegalia picachensis (Brandegee) Britton & Rose.1

^1Senegalia polyphylla (DC.) Britton & Rose [Acacia glomerosa Benth.].

Senegalia riparia (Kunth) Britton & Rose [Acacia riparia Kunth].

^Senna atomaria (L.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

^Senna fruticosa (MIll.) Irwin & Barneby.

Senna hirsuta var. hirta H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

^1Senna mollissima (Willd.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

^Senna mollissima (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. glabrata (Benth.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

Senna nicaraguensis (Benth.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

^1Senna obtusifolia (L.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

^Senna occidentalis (L.) Link.

^1Senna pallida (Vahl) H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

^Senna pallida (Vahl) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. geminiflora H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

^1Senna pallida (Vahl) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. pallida.1

^1Senna papillosa (Britton & Rose) H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

Senna pendula (Willd.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.1

Senna pendula (Willd.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby. var. advena (Vogel) H.S.Irwin & Barneby.

^1Senna quinquangulata (Rich.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

Senna quinquangulata (Rich.) H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. quinquangulata.

Senna reticulata (Willd.)H.S.Irwin & Barneby.1

Senna uniflora (Mill.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby.

Sesbania emerus (Aubl.) Urb.1

^1Sesbania herbacea (Mill.) McVaugh.

^Sphinga platyloba (DC.) Barneby & J.W.Grimes [Pithecellobium platylobum (Spreng.) Urb.].

Stylosanthes viscosa Sw.

^Styphnolobium protantherum M. Sousa & Rudd.

Tamarindus indica L.

^Tara cacalaco (Bonpl.) Molinari & Sánchez Och. [Caesalpinia cacalaco Humb. & Bonpl.].

^1Tephrosia leiocarpa A. Gray.1

^Tephrosia leiocarpa A. Gray [Tephrosia leiocarpa A. Gray. var. costenya McVaugh].

^1Tephrosia leiocarpa A. Gray var. leiocarpa.1

^1Tephrosia multifolia Rose.

^1Tephrosia vicioides Schltdl.

^Vachellia campeachiana (Mill.) Seigler & Ebinger [Acacia cochliacantha Willd.].

Vachellia cornigera (L.) Seigler & Ebinger1

^Vachellia farnesiana (L.) Wight & Arn. [Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd.].

Vachellia farnesiana (L.) Wight & Arn. var. farnesiana (Acacia farnesiana var. farnesiana1).1

^1Vachellia hindsii (Benth.) Seigler & Ebinger [Acacia hindsii Benth.].

^1Vachellia macracantha (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Seigler & Ebinger [Acacia macracantha Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.].

^Vachellia pennatula (Schltdl. & Cham.) Seigler & Ebinger [Acacia pennatula (Schlecht. & Cham.) Benth.].

^Vigna speciosa (Kunth) Verdc. [Vigna speciosa H.B.K.].

^1Zapoteca formosa (Kunth) H.M. Hern.1

Zapoteca formosa (Kunth) H.M. Hern. subsp. formosa1

^Zapoteca formosa (Kunth) H.M. Hern. subsp. rosei (Wiggins) H.M. Hern.



Quercus aristata Hook. & Arn.1

Quercus magnoliifolia Née.1



^1Euploca humilis (L.) Feuillet [Heliotropium alternatum [sic] Vahl.] (Euploca ternata (Vahl) J.I.M.Melo & Semir1).

^1Euploca procumbens (Mill.) Diane & Hilger [Heliotropium procumbens Mill.].

^1Heliotropium angiospermum Murray. Images

^1Heliotropium curassavicum L.

Heliotropium curassavicum L. var. curassavicum.1

^Heliotropium indicum L.

Heliotropium macrostachyum (DC.) Hemsl.1

^Heliotropium verdcourtii Craven [Tournefortia hirsutissima L.]. Images

^Myriopus volubilis (L.) Small [Tournefortia volubilis L.].

^Tournefortia glabra L.

^Tournefortia hartwegiana Steud. Images



Hydrolea spinosa L. [Hydrophyllaceae]



^Krameria ixine L. [Krameria ixine Loefl.].


Lamiacae [Labiatae]

Asterohyptis mociniana (Benth.) Epling].

Genus ?

Cantinoa mutabilis (Rich.) Harley & J.F.B.Pastore [Hyptis mutabilis (Rich.) Briq.].

Condea albida (Kunth) Harley & J.F.B.Pastore [Hyptis albida H.B.K.].

Hyptis capitata Jacq.

^Mesosphaerum pectinatum (L.) Kuntze [Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit.].

^Mesosphaerum suaveolens (L.) Kuntze [Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit.]. Images

Mesosphaerum urticoides (Kunth) Kuntze [Hyptis urticoides Benth.].

Ocimum basilicum L. (Ocimum basilicum var. album (L.) Benth.1).1

^1Ocimum campechianum Mill. [Ocimum micranthum Willd.].

Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng.1

Salvia amarissima Ortega.

^1Salvia languidula Epling. Images

Salvia mexicana L.1

Salvia misella Kunth.1

^1Salvia occidentalis Sw.

^1Salvia uruapana Fernald.

Scutellaria pallidiflora Epling.1

Scutellaria sublitoralis J.G. González.8

Scutellaria sp.

^Stachys coccinea Ortega. [Stachys coccinea Jaq.].

^Vitex hemsleyi Briq. [Verbenaceae].

^Vitex mollis Kunth. [Verbenaceae].



Lennoa madreporoides Lex. [Lennoa madreporoides LaLlave & Lex.].



^1Lindernia sp. (Lindernia huertana).1



^Gronovia scandens L. Images

^Mentzelia aspera L. Images



^Strychnos brachistantha Standl.

^1Strychnos panamensis Seem.1



^1Cladocolea gracilis Kuijt.

^Cladocolea inconspicua (Benth.) Kuijt.

^1Cladocolea loniceroides (Pav. ex van Tiegh.) J. Kuijt.1

^Cladocolea oligantha (Standl. & Steyerm.) Kuijt.

^1Psittacanthus calyculatus (DC.) G. Don.

Psittacanthus rhynchanthus (Benth.) J. Kuijt.1

^Struthanthus condensatus Kuijt.

^Struthanthus interruptus (Kunth) Blume.

Struthanthus quercicola (Schltdl. & Cham.) D.Don [Struthanthus quercicola (Cham. & Schltdl.) Blume]/ [Struthanthus densiflorus (Benth.) Standl.].



Ammannia coccinea Rottb.

^1Cuphea ferrisiae Bacigal.1

^1Cuphea ferrisiae Bacigal. var. ferrisiae.1

^Cuphea ferrisiae Bacigal. var. rosea S.A. Graham. Images

Cuphea leptopoda Hemsl.

^Cuphea vesiculigera R. C. Foster.

Rotala ramosior (L.) Koehne



^1Aspicarpa brevipes (Sesse ex DC.) W.R. Anderson (Aspicarpa lanata Rose1)1

^Bunchosia mcvaughii W. R. Anderson.

^Bunchosia palmeri S. Watson. sens. lat.

Byrsonima crassifolia (L.) Kunth.

Callaeum coactum D.M.Johnson.1

^1Callaeum macropterum (Moc. & Sessé ex DC.) D.M.Johnson [Callaeum macropterum (DC.) D. M. Johnson].

Galphimia glandulosa Cav. (Galphimia palmeri Rose).1

^Galphimia glauca Cav.

Galphimia hirsuta Cav.

^Gaudichaudia mcvaughii W. R. Anderson.

^Heteropterys laurifolia (L.) A. Juss.

^Heteropterys palmeri Rose. Images

^Hiraea reclinata Jacq. sens. lat.

^Lasiocarpus sp.

Lasiocarpus ferrugineus Gentry.9

Malpighia emarginata DC.1

^Malpighia emiliae W. R. Anderson.

^Malpighia novogaliciana W. R. Anderson.

^Malpighia ovata Rose.

Malpighia rzedowskii W. R. Anderson.

^Tetrapterys mexicana Hook. & Arn. Images



Abutilon berlandieri A. Gray.1

^1Abutilon bivalvis (Cav.) Dorr.1

Abutilon bracteosum P.A.Fryxell.1

^Abutilon macvaughii Fryxell.

^1Abutilon trisulcatum (Jacq.) Urb.

^Allosidastrum interruptum (Balb ex DC.) Krapov., Fryxell & Bates.

Allowissadula cf. rosei (R.E. Fr.) D.M. Bates.

^1Anoda acerifolia Cav.

^1Anoda cristata (L. ) Schltdl.

^Anoda lanceolata Hook. & Arn.

^1Anoda thurberi A. Gray.

^Ayenia filiformis S. Watson. [Sterculiaceae].

^Ayenia micrantha Standl. [Sterculiaceae].

Ayenia wrightii B.L. Rob. [Sterculiaceae].

^Bakeridesia jaliscana Donnell [Bakeridesia bakeriana (Rose) D.M. Bates.].10

^11Bakeridesia parvifolia Donnell.10,11 Images

Bastardiastrum hirsutiflorum (C. Presl) D.M. Bates.

Bastardiastrum incanum (Brandegee) D.M. Bates.

^Briquetia spicata (Kunth) Fryxell.

^Byttneria aculeata (Jacq.) Jacq. [Sterculiaceae]. Images

^Byttneria catalpifolia Jacq. [Sterculiaceae].

^Ceiba aesculifolia (Kunth) Britten & Baker f. [Bombacaceae: Ceiba grandiflora Rose.].

^1Ceiba aesculifolia (Kunth) Britten & Baker f. subsp. aesculifolia.1

^1Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. [Bombacaceae].

^1Corchorus aestuans L. [Tiliaceae].

^Corchorus hirtus L. [Tiliaceae].

^Corchorus siliquosus L. [Tiliaceae].

^1Dirhamphis mexicana Fryxell.

^Gossypium aridum (Rose & Standl.) Skovst.

^1Gossypium hirsutum L.

^1Guazuma ulmifolia Lam. [Sterculiaceae]. Images

Hampea tomentosa (C. Presl) Standl.1

^Helicteres baruensis Jacq. [Sterculiaceae]. Images

Helicteres guazumifolia Kunth.1

Heliocarpus appendiculatus Turcz.1

Heliocarpus attenuatus S.Watson1

^1Heliocarpus occidentalis Rose.1

^1Heliocarpus pallidus Rose. [Tiliaceae]. Images

^Herissantia crispa (L.) Brizicky.

^Hibiscus citrinus Fryxell. Images

^1Hibiscus colimensis Fryxell.1  Images

Hibiscus sabdariffa L.

Hibiscus tiliaceus L.

Hibiscus tiliaceus var. pernambucensis (Arruda) I.M.Johnst. [Hibiscus pernambucensis Arruda].1

^1Kosteletzkya depressa (L.) O.J. Blanch., Fryxell & D.M. Bates. Images

^Luehea candida (Moç. & Sessé ex DC.) Mart. [Tiliaceae: Luehea candida (DC.) Mart. & Zucc.]. Images

^1Malachra alceifolia Jacq.

Malachra capitata (L.) L.

Malachra fasciata Jacq.

Malva parviflora L.1

^1Malvastrum americanum (L.) Torr.

Malvastrum coromandelianum (L.) Garcke.

^Malvaviscus arboreus Cav. (Malvaviscus arboreus var. mexicanus Schltdl.1). Images

Malvaviscus arboreus Cav. var. arboreus.1

^1Melochia corymbosum (C. Presl) Meissn. ex Steud.1

^Melochia nodiflora Sw. [Sterculiaceae].

^Melochia pyramidata L. [Sterculiaceae]. Images

^Melochia tomentosa L. [Sterculiaceae].

^1Melochia tomentosa L. var. tomentosa.1

Pachira aquatica Aubl.1

^Pavonia arachnoidea C. Presl.

^Pavonia fryxellii Krapov. Images

Pavonia paniculata Cav.1

^Physodium adenodes (Goldberg) Fryxell var. adenodes [Sterculiaceae].

^Pseudabutilon orientale (Standl. & Steyerm.) Fryxell [Abutilon orientale Standl. & Steyerm.].

^1Pseudabutilon scabrum (C. Presl) R.E. Fr. [Abutilon barrancae M. E. Jones] (Pseudabutilon paniculatum (Rose) R. E. Fries1).

^Pseudobombax ellipticum (Kunth) Dugand [ Bombacaceae].

^Sida acuta Burm. f. Images

^1Sida aggregata C. Presl.

Sida alamosana S. Watson ex. Rose.

^Sida ciliaris L.

^Sida glabra Mill.

^1Sida jamaicensis L.

^Sida rhombifolia L.

^1Sida salviifolia C. Presl.

^1Triumfetta acracantha Hochr.1

^1Triumfetta bogotensis DC. (Triumfetta dumetorum Schltdl.1) [Tiliaceae].

^Triumfetta paniculata Hook. & Arn. [Tiliaceae].

Triumfetta polyandra Sessé & Moc. ex DC.1

Triumfetta semitriloba Jacq. [Tiliaceae].

Triumfetta simplicifolia (Sessé & Moc.) Fryxell [Triumfetta hintonii Sprague]. [Tiliaceae].

^Waltheria indica L. [Sterculiaceae].

Waltheria preslii Walp.1

Wissadula periplocifolia (L.) Thwaites.



^Martynia annua L.

^1Proboscidea louisianica subsp. fragrans (Lindl.) P.K. Bretting.1



^1Conostegia xalapensis (Bonpl.) D. Don ex DC.1



Cedrela odorata L.1

^Cedrela salvadorensis Standl.

^1Guarea glabra Vahl.

^1Guarea glabra subsp. excelsa (Kunth) T.D.Penn.(Guarea excelsa Kunth).1

^1Melia azedarach L.

^Swietenia humilis Zucc. ⚥

^Trichilia americana (Sessé & Moc.) T.D. Penn.

Trichilia glabra L.1

^1Trichilia havanensis Jacq.

^Trichilia hirta L.

^1Trichilia trifolia L.1

^Trichilia trifolia L. subsp. palmeri (C. DC.) T.D. Penn.



^Cissampelos pareira L.

^1Cocculus diversifolius DC.

^Disciphania mexicana Bullock. (Disciphania nesiotes Standl.1).

^Hyperbaena ilicifolia Standl.



Glinus radiatus (Ruiz & Pav.) Rohrb. [Aizoaceae].

^Mollugo verticillata L. [Aizoaceae].



^Brosimum alicastrum Sw.

^Dorstenia drakena L.

^1Ficus benghalensis L. (Ficus cotoneifolia Stokes1)1

^Ficus cotinifolia Kunth.

^Ficus crocata (Miq.) Mart. ex Miq. [Ficus goldmanii Standl.].

^Ficus insipida Willd.

^1Ficus maxima Mill.1

^Ficus microcarpa L. f.

Ficus obtusifolia Kunth.

Ficus pertusa L.f.

^1Ficus sarmentosa Buch.-Ham. ex Sm.1

^1Ficus trigonata L.1

^Maclura tinctoria (L.) D.Don ex Steud [Chlorophora tinctoria (L.) Guad.] (Chlorophora tinctoria subsp. mora (Griseb.) Hassl.1) (Maclura tinctoria subsp. mora (Griseb.) M.D.Vazquez Avila1).

^Trophis racemosa (L.) Urb. [Trophis racemosa (L.) Urb. var. ramon (Schltdl. & Cham.) W. Burger].



^Moringa oleifera Lam.



Eugenia acapulcensis Steud.1

Eugenia capuli (Schltdl. & Cham.) Hook. & Arn. [Eugenia capuli (Schltdl. & Cham.) Berg.].

Eugenia capuli var. capuli.1

^1Eugenia pleurocarpa Standl.

Eugenia rekoi Standl.

Pimenta dioica (L.) Merr.1

Psidium guajava L.(Psidium guajava var. guajava1).1

Psidium salutare (Kunth) O. Berg (Eugenia arayan Seem.1).1

^Psidium oligospermum Mart. ex DC. [Psidium sartorianum (Berg.) Ndzu.].



Nama jamaicensis L.1 Images

^1Wigandia urens (Ruiz & Pav.) Kunth. [Wigandia urens (R. & P.) H.B.K. var. urens ][Hydrophyllaceae]. Images



Abronia maritima Nutt. ex S. Watson.

^Boerhavia coccinea Miller

^Boerhavia diffusa L.

^Boerhavia erecta L.

Boerhavia gracillima Heimerl.

Bougainvillea glabra Choisy.1

Commicarpus scandens (L.) Standl.

Guapira costaricana (Standl.) Woodson (Guapira linearibracteata (Heimerl) Lundell1).1

^Guapira petenensis (Lundell) Lundell[Guapira cf. macrocarpa Miranda].

^Mirabilis gracilis (Standl.) Le Duc.

Mirabilis longiflora L.1

^Mirabilis russellii Le Duc. Images

^1Neea tenuis Standl.1

Okenia hypogaea Schltdl. & Cham.

^1Pisonia aculeata L. Images

Pisonia macranthocarpa (Donn. Sm.) Donn. Sm.

^1Salpianthus aequalis Standl.1

^Salpianthus arenarius Bonpl. [Salpianthus arenarius Humb. & Bonpl.]. Images

^Salpianthus purpurascens (Cav. ex Lag.) Hook. & Arn. Images



^Ouratea mexicana (Bonpl.) Engl. [Ouratea mexicana (Humb. & Bonpl.) Engl.].



^Forestiera rhamnifolia Griseb.



^Hauya elegans Moc. & Sessé ex DC. [Hauya elegans DC.]

^1Ludwigia erecta (L.) H. Hara. Images

^1Ludwigia leptocarpa (Nutt.) H. Hara.

Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacq.) P.H. Raven.

^1Ludwigia peploides (Kunth) P.H. Raven.



^Agonandra racemosa (DC.) Standl.



Castilleja tenuifolia M.Martens & Galeotti1



^Oxalis albicans Kunth.

^Oxalis frutescens L.

^Oxalis microcarpa Benth.



^Argemone ochroleuca Sweet. Images



^1Passiflora caerulea L.1

Passiflora edulis Sims.

^Passiflora filipes Benth. Images

^Passiflora foetida L.(Passiflora foetida var. gossypiifolia (Desv. ex Ham.) Mast.1). Images

^1Passiflora foetida var. acapulcensis Killip.1

^Passiflora goniosperma Killip.[Passiflora aff. goniosperma Killip.].

^1Passiflora holosericea L.

Passiflora jorullensis var. salvadorensis1

^Passiflora juliana J.M. MacDougal.

^1Passiflora mexicana Juss.

^Turnera diffusa Willd. ex. Schult. [Turnera diffusa Willd.] [Turneraceae].

^1Turnera ulmifolia L.1

^Turnera velutina C. Presl [Turnera velutina K. Presl] [Turneaceae].



^Petiveria alliacea L. Images

^Rivina humilis L. Images

^Trichostigma octandrum (L.) H. Walter.



^Astrocasia peltata Standl. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Margaritaria nobilis L.f. [Euphorbiaceae].

^1Meineckia bartlettii (Standl.) G.L. Webster. [Euphorbiaceae].

Phyllanthus amarus Schumach & Thonn. [Phyllanthus amarus Schum.] [Euphorbiaceae].

^Phyllanthus botryanthus Müll. Arg. [Euphorbiaceae].

^1Phyllanthus elsiae Urb. [Euphorbiaceae].

Phyllanthus evanescens Brandegee. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Phyllanthus gypsicola McVaugh. [Euphorbiaceae].

Phyllanthus hexadactylus McVaugh. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Phyllanthus mickelii McVaugh. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Phyllanthus mocinianus Baill. [Euphorbiaceae].

^1Phyllanthus standleyi McVaugh. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Phyllanthus tequilensis B.L.Rob. & Greenm. [Euphorbiaceae].

^Savia sessiliflora (Sw.) Willd. [Euphorbiaceae].



^Agdestis clematidea Moc. & Sessé ex DC. [Agdestis clematidea DC.]. Images



^Piranhea mexicana (Standl.) Radcl.-Sm. [Euphorbiaceae].



^1Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. [Scrophulariaceae].

^Mecardonia procumbens (Mill.) Small [Mecardonia procumbens (Mill.) Greenm.].[Scrophulariaceae].

^Russelia tenuis Lundell. [Scrophulariaceae]. Images

Russelia tetraptera S.F.Blake.1

^Schistophragma mexicanum Benth. ex D. Dietr. [Schistophragma pusillum Benth.] [Scrophulariaceae]. Images

^Scoparia dulcis L. [Scrophulariaceae].

^Stemodia durantifolia (L.) Sw. [Scrophulariaceae]. Images



Plocosperma sp. Benth.1



^Plumbago zeylanica L. [Plumbago scandens L.].



^Asemeia violacea (Aubl.) J.F.B.Pastore & J.R.Abbott [Polygala violacea Aubl.] (Polygala monticola var. brizoides (A.St.-Hil.) Steyerm.1).

^Hebecarpa velutina (C.Presl) J.R.Abbott & J.F.B.Pastore [Polygala serpens Blake].

^Securidaca diversifolia (L.) S.F. Blake.



^Antigonon flavescens S. Watson. Images

^Antigonon leptopus Hook. & Arn.[Antigonon cf. leptopus Hook. & Arn.].

^Coccoloba barbadensis Jacq.

^Coccoloba cholutecensis R.A. Howard.

Coccoloba floribunda (Benth.) Lindau.1

^1Coccoloba lehmannii Lindau ex Hieron.1

^Coccoloba liebmannii Lindau. Images

^Coccoloba venosa L.

Persicaria hispida (Kunth) M.Gómez [Polygonum hispidum Kunth].

Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small.1

^1Persicaria punctata (Elliott) Small [Polygonum punctatum Ell.]

^Podopterus cordifolius Rose & Standl. Images

^Podopterus mexicanus Bonpl. [Podopterus mexicanus Humb. & Bonpl.].

^Ruprechtia chiapensis Lundell ex Standl. & Steyerm. [Ruprechtia pallida Standl.]

^Ruprechtia fusca Fernald. Images



^Portulaca oleracea L.

^Portulaca pilosa L.



Ardisia revoluta Kunth [Myrsinaceae]

^1Bonellia macrocarpa (Cav.) B.Ståhl & Källersjö (Jacquinia macrocarpa Oerst.?)1*

^1Bonellia macrocarpa subsp. pungens (A.Gray) B.Ståhl & Källersjö [Jacquinia pungens A. Gray] (Jacquinia macrocarpa subsp. pungens (A.Gray) B.Ståhl1) [Theophrastaceae]. Images

Bonellia nervosa (C. Presl) B.Ståhl & Källersjö.1



^1Clematis acapulcensis Hook. & Arn. Images

Clematis dioica L.1



^Forchhammeria pallida Liebm. [Capparaceae]. Images

^Forchhammeria sessilifolia Standl. [Capparaceae].



^Colubrina heteroneura (Griseb.) Standl.

^Colubrina triflora Brongn. ex G. Don [Colubrina triflora Brongn.].

Gouania polygama (Jacq.) Urb.1

^Gouania rosei Wiggins.

^Gouania stipularis Moc. & Sessé ex DC. [Gouania stipularis DC.].

^1Karwinskia humboldtiana (Schult.) Zucc.1

^1Karwinskia latifolia Standl.

Krugiodendron ferreum (Vahl) Urb.1

^Sarcomphalus amole (Sessé & Moc.) Hauenschild [Ziziphus amole (Sessé ‚ & Moc.) M. C. Johnst.].



^Rhizophora mangle L.



Crataegus mexicana Moc. & Sessé ex DC.1



Allenanthus hondurensis Standl.1

Allenanthus hondurensis Standl. var. hondurensis (Machaonia erythrocarpa subsp. hondurensis (Standl.) Borhidi1).1

^Allenanthus hondurensis Standl. var. parvifolia (L.O. Williams) Borhidi [Allenanthus hondurensis Standl. var. parvifolia L.O. Williams].

Arachnothryx leucophylla (Kunth) Planch.1

^Bouvardia cordifolia DC.

^1Bouvardia loeseneriana Standl.1

^12Bouvardia laevis M.Martens & Galeotti.12

^Chiococca alba (L.) Hitchc. Images

^Crusea parviflora Hook. & Arn.

^Dentella repens (L.) J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.[Dentella repens (L.) J.R. Forst.].

^Eumachia microdon (DC.) Delprete & J.H.Kirkbr. [Psychotria microdon (DC.) Urb.].

^Exostema caribaeum (Jacq.) Schult. [Exostema caribaeum (Jacq.) Roem. & Schult.]. Images

^Exostema mexicanum A. Gray.

Faramea latifolia (Cham. & Schltdl.) DC.1

Guettarda calyptrata A.Rich.1

^Guettarda elliptica Sw.

^1Guettarda macrosperma Donn.Sm.1

^1Hamelia patens Jacq.1

^Hamelia versicolor A. Gray. Images

^Hamelia xorullensis Kunth.

^1Hexasepalum apiculatum (Willd.) Delprete & J.H.Kirkbr (Diodia rigida Cham. & Schltdl.1).1

^Hexasepalum sarmentosum (Sw.) Delprete & J.H.Kirkbr. [Diodia sarmentosa Sw.].

^Hintonia latiflora (Sessé & Moc. ex DC.) Bullock (Hintonia latiflora var. leiantha Bullock).

^1Hintonia octomera (Hemsl.) Bullock (Coutarea octomera Hemsl.).1

^1Machaonia acuminata Bonpl. [Machaonia acuminata Humb. & Bonpl.].

^Mitracarpus hirtus (L.) DC. [Mitracarpus villosus (Sw.) Cham. & Schltdl.].

^13Mitracarpus linearifolius A.Rich.13

^1Mitracarpus linearis Benth.1

^Psychotria erythrocarpa Schltdl.

^Psychotria horizontalis Sw.

^Randia aculeata L.

^Randia armata (Sw.) DC. Images

^Randia malacocarpa Standl.

^Randia mollifolia Standl.

^1Randia tetracantha (Cav.) DC.

^1Randia thurberi S. Watson.

Richardia scabra L. 

^Spermacoce densiflora (DC.) Alain [Borreria densiflora DC.][Spermacoce densiflora H. & A.].

^Spermacoce tenuior L.

^Tessiera lithospermoides DC. [Staelia scabra (Presl) Standl.].



Amyris balsamifera L.1

^Amyris cf. madrensis S. Watson.

Citrus X limon (L.) Osbeck (Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f.1).1

^Ertela trifolia (L.) Kuntze [Monniera trifolia L.].

^1Esenbeckia berlandieri Baill.1

^Esenbeckia berlandieri subsp. acapulcensis (Rose) KaastraImages

Esenbeckia conspecta (Kaastra) Ramos (Esenbeckia collina subsp. conspecta R.C.Kaastra1).1

^Esenbeckia nesiotica Standl.

^Helietta lottiae F. Chiang.

^Megastigma sp. nov. Chiang.

Ruta chalepensis L.1

^Zanthoxylum arborescens Rose.

^1Zanthoxylum caribaeum Lam.[Zanthoxylum caribaeum Lam. vel aff.].

^1Zanthoxylum fagara (L.) Sarg.

^1Zanthoxylum fagara (L.) Sarg. subsp. fagara.1

Zanthoxylum riedelianum subsp. hygrophilum (Cuatrec.) Reynel (Zanthoxylum tachuelo Little).1

Zanthoxylum sp. 1.



^Casearia aculeata Jacq. (Casearia obovata Poeppig ex Endlicher?1*) [Flacourtiaceae].

Casearia arguta Kunth. [Flacourtiaceae].

^Casearia corymbosa Kunth. [Flacourtiaceae].

^1Casearia nitida Jacq.1

^1Casearia sylvestris Sw.1

^1Casearia sylvestris Sw. var. sylvestris [Flacourtiaceae].

^Casearia tremula (Griseb.) Griseb. ex. C. Wright [Casearia tremula (Griseb.) Wright] [Flacourtiaceae].

^Homalium senarium Sessé & Moc. ex DC. [Flacourtiaceae].

^Prockia crucis P. Browne ex L. [Flacourtiaceae].

^Salix gooddingii C.R. Ball.

Salix humboldtiana Willd.1

^Salix taxifolia Kunth.

^Samyda mexicana Rose [Flacourtiaceae].

Xylosma horrida Rose1

^1Xylosma intermedia (Seem.) Triana & Planch. [Xylosma intermedium (Seem.) Triana & Planch.] [Flacourtiaceae].

^Xylosma velutina (Tul.) Triana & Planch. [Flacourtiaceae].



^Phoradendron quadrangulare (Kunth) Griseb. [Phoradendron quadrangulare (H.B.K.) Krug & Urb.)] [Loranthaceae] .

^Phoradendron robinsonii Urb. [Loranthaceae].



^1Allophylus L. sp.1

^1Averrhoidium spondioides (Standl.) Acev.- Rodr. & Ferrucci [Matayba spondioides Standl.].

^1Cardiospermum halicacabum L. Images

^1Cupania dentata Moç. & Sessé ex DC. [Cupania dentata DC.].

^1Cupania glabra Sw.1

^Matayba scrobiculata Radlk. [Matayba scrobiculata (Kunth) Radlk.].

^1Paullinia clavigera Schltdl.1

^Paullinia cururu L. Images

^1Paullinia fuscescens Kunth.

^Paullinia sessiliflora Radlk. Images

^Paullinia tomentosa Jacq. Images

^1Sapindus saponaria L. Images

^Serjania brachycarpa A. Gray ex Radlk. [Serjania brachycarpa A. Gray]. Images

^Serjania flaviflora Radlk.

Serjania goniocarpa Radlk.1

^1Serjania triquetra Radlk.1

^1Thouinia canescens var. paucidentata (Radlk.) Votava [Thouinia paucidentata Radlk.].

Thouinia serrata Radlk.1

Thouinia villosa DC.1

^Thouinidium decandrum (Bonpl.) Radlk. [Thouinidium decandrum (Humb. & Bonpl.)].



^Pouteria campechiana (Kunth) Baehni. Images

^Pouteria sp.

^Sideroxylon capiri (A. DC.).

^1Sideroxylon capiri (A. DC.). subsp. capiri.1

^1Sideroxylon capiri subsp. tempisque (Pittier) T.D.Penn.1

^Sideroxylon cartilagineum (Cronquist) T.D. Penn.

Sideroxylon obtusifolium (Roem. & Schult.). T.D. Penn.

Sideroxylon obtusifolium subsp. buxifolium (Roem. & Schult.) T.D.Penn.1

Sideroxylon palmeri (Rose) T.D.Penn.1

^Sideroxylon stenospermum (Standl.) T.D. Penn.



Schoepfia cf. schreberi J. F. Gmel. [Olacaceae].

^Schoepfia sp. [Olacaceae].



Buddleja scordioides Kunth.1

Buddleja sessiliflora Kunth. [Loganiaceae].

^1Capraria frutescens (Mill.) Britten (Capraria saxifragifolia Cham. & Schltdl.1). Images



Quassia amara L.1



^Capsicum annuum L. [Capsicum annuum L. var. glabriusculum (Dun.) Heiser &Pickersgill].

Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum.1

^Datura discolor Bernh. Images

^1Datura metel L.1

Lycianthes ciliolata (M. Martens & Galeotti) Bitter.

Lycianthes aff. lenta (Cav.) Britt.[Lycianthes aff. lenta (Cav.) Britt.].

Lycianthes cf. moziniana (Dunal) Bitter.

^1Lycium carolinianum var. quadrifidum (Dun.) C.L. Hitchc.1

Nicandra physalodes (L.) Gaertn.

Nicotiana glauca Graham.

Nicotiana plumbaginifolia Viv.

Nicotiana tabacum L.

^1Nicotiana tabacum L. var. tabacum 1

Physalis angulata L.

^Physalis cordata Houst. ex Mill. [Physalis cordata Mill.]

Physalis gracilis Miers.1

Physalis lagascae Roem. & Schult.

^1Physalis leptophylla B.L. Rob. & Greenm. Images

^Physalis minuta Griggs [Physalis mimulus Waterf.].

Physalis peruviana L. (Physalis pubescens L.1).1

^1Physalis pruinosa L. Images

^1Physalis solanacea (Schltdl.) B. Axelius (Margaranthus solanaceus Schltdl.1).1

^1Solanum adscendens Sendtn. [Solanum deflexum Greenm.].

^1Solanum americanum Mill.

^1Solanum angustifolium Mill.1 Images

Solanum appendiculatum Humb. & Bonpl. ex Dun.1

Solanum campechiense L.

^Solanum candidum Lindl. [Solanum tequilense A. Gray].

^1Solanum diphyllum L. Images

^Solanum erianthum D. Don.

^Solanum ferrugineum Jacq. [Solanum madrense Fern.].

Solanum grayi Rose.1

^Solanum grayi Rose var. grandiflorum Whalen.

^1Solanum hazenii Britton.

^Solanum lignescens Fernald.

Solanum lycopersicum L. [Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.] (Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme Alef.1).

Solanum melongena L.1

^Solanum refractum Hook. & Arn. Images

^1Solanum rudepannum Dunal [Solanum ochraceo-ferrugineum (Dun.) Fern.] (Solanum diversifolium Schltdl.1). Images

Solanum torvum Sw.1

^1Solanum umbellatum Mill.1



^Stegnosperma cubense A. Rich. [Phytolaccaceae].



^Recchia mexicana Moc. & Sessé ex DC. [Recchia mexicana Moc. & Sessé [Simaroubaceae] . Images



^Talinum fruticosum (L.) Juss. [Talinum triangulare (Jacq.) Willd.] [Portulacaceae] . Images

^1Talinum paniculatum (Jacq.) Gaertn. [Portulacaceae]. Images



Polypremum procumbens L.1



Daphnopsis sp.



^1Phyllostylon rhamnoides (J. Poiss.) Taub. (Phyllostylon brasiliense Capan. ex Benth. & Hook.f.1)



^Discocnide mexicana (Liebm.) Chew.

^Myriocarpa longipes Liebm.

Pouzolzia guatemalana var. nivea (S. Wats.) I. Friis & C.M. Wilmot-Dear.1

Pouzolzia occidentalis (Liebm.) Wedd.1

^1Pouzolzia occidentalis var. palmeri (S. Watson) Friis & Wilmot-Dear [Pouzolzia palmeri S. Watson]. Images

^1Urera caracasana (Jacq.) Gaudich. ex Griseb. [Urera caracasana (Jacq.) Griseb.]

Urera pacifica V.W. Steinm.1

^1Urtica L. sp.1



Aloysia citrodora1

^Bouchea dissecta S. Watson. Images

^1Bouchea flabelliformis M.E. Jones.

^Bouchea prismatica (L.) Kuntze.

^Citharexylum affine D. Don.

^1Citharexylum costaricense Moldenke.1

^Citharexylum donnell-smithii Greenm. [Citharexylum donnell-smithii Greenm. var. pubescens Moldenke].

^Citharexylum hirtellum Standl. [Citharexylum standleyi Mold. var. mexicanum Moldenke].

^1Citharexylum scabrum Moc. & Sessé ex D.Don.1

^1Lantana achyranthifolia Desf.1

^1Lantana camara L.1

^Lantana camara L. subsp. glandulosissima (Hayek) R.W. Sanders [Lantana camara L. var. parviflora Moldenke].*

^Lantana canescens Kunth.

Lantana jaliscana Moldenke.

^Lantana langlassei Moldenke.

^Lantana velutina M.Martens & Galeotti [Lantana frutilla Moldenke var. velutina Moldenke].*

^Lippia alba N.E. Br. ex Britton & P.Wilson [Lippia alba N.E. Br.].

Lippia dulcis Trevir. [Phyla scaberrima (Juss.) Moldenke].

^1Lippia mcvaughii Moldenke [Lippia mcvaughii Moldenke var. latifolia Moldenke].

^1Lippia origanoides Kunth [Lippia graveolens H.B.K.].

^1Lippia umbellata Cav.1

^Phyla nodiflora (L.) Greene.

^1Priva lappulacea (L.) Pers.

^1Priva mexicana (L.) Pers.1

^1Stachytarpheta frantzii Pol. [Stachytarpheta incana Moldenke] (Stachytarpheta incana var. angustibracteata Moldenke1).

^Verbena litoralis Kunth.



^Hybanthus serrulatus Standl.

^Ixchelia mexicana (Ging. ex DC.) H.E.Ballard & Wahlert [Hybanthus mexicanus Ging.]

^Pombalia attenuata (Humb. & Bonpl.) Paula-Souza [Hybanthus attenuatus (Humb. & Bonpl.) G.K. Schulze].



^Ampelocissus acapulcensis (Kunth) Planch.

^1Ampelocissus mesoamericana Lombardi.1

^Ampelopsis denudata Planch. [Ampelopsis mexicana Rose].

^Cissus alata Jacq. [Cissus rhombifolia Vahl.].

^Cissus trifoliata (L.) L.

^1Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C.E. Jarvis.1

^1Cissus verticillata (L.) Nicolson & C.E. Jarvis subsp. verticillata [Cissus sicyoides L.]. Images

Cissus sp.



^Ximenia pubescens Standl.



^Guaiacum coulteri A. Gray.

^1Guaiacum sanctum L.1

^Kallstroemia grandiflora Torr. ex A. Gray.

^Kallstroemia maxima (L.) Hook. & Arn. Images

Kallstroemia parviflora J.B.S. Norton.1

^Kallstroemia pubescens (G.Don.).

^Tribulus cistoides L.




^1Annona glabra L.

Annona muricata L.

^Annona palmeri Saff.

^1Oxandra lanceolata (Sw.) Baill.

^Sapranthus microcarpus (Donn.Sm.) R.E. Fr.

^Sapranthus violaceus (Dunal) Saff.



^Aristolochia foetida Kunth.

^Aristolochia odoratissima L.

^Aristolochia taliscana Hook. & Arn.

^Aristolochia sp. 1, aff. Aristolochia variifolia Duch.

^Aristolochia sp. 2.



^1Gyrocarpus americanus Jacq.1

^Gyrocarpus jatrophifolius Domin.



^Damburneya martinicensis (Mez) Trofimov [Nectandra martinicensis Mez.].

Damburneya nitida (Mez) Trofimov & Rohwer.1

^1Damburneya salicifolia (Kunth) Trofimov & Rohwer.1

^Licaria nayaritensis (Lundell) Lundell.

^1Licaria triandra (Sw.) Kosterm.

Ocotea veraguensis (Meisn.) Mez.1*



^Peperomia claytonioides Kunth.

Peperomia macrostachyos (Vahl) A.Dietr. [Peperomia macrostachya [sic] (Vahl) A Dietr.].

^Peperomia sp. 1.

^Piper abalienatum Trel.

Piper arboreum Aubl.1

Piper arboreum Aubl. subsp. arboreum.

Piper aduncum L.1

Piper amalago L.1

^Piper brevipedicellatum Bornst.

Piper dilatatum Rich. (Piper auritum Sieber ex Kunth.).1

Piper hispidum Sw.

Piper jaliscanum S.Watson1

Piper muelleri C. DC.1

^1Piper pseudolindenii C. DC.

^Piper rosei C. DC.

^Piper stipulaceum Opiz. [Piper stipulaceum C. DC.].

^1Piper stipulare A. C. Sm.1

^1Piper tuberculatum Jacq. (Piper arboreum subsp. tuberculatum (Jacq.) M.C.Tebbs.1).



Anemopsis californica (Nutt.) Hook. & Arn.1



Ruppiaceae [Dicotyledonae]

^Ruppia maritima L.




^1Nymphaea ampla (Salisb.) DC.1

^1Nymphaea elegans Hook.


Taxonomic References

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